Rishabh Instruments Share Price in the Year 2023

Rishabh Instruments Share Price
Rishabh Instruments Share Price
—-Rishabh Instruments Share Price

Rishabh Instruments Share Price: The stock market saw a new player enter the arena today – Rishabh Instruments Ltd. This newcomer sent ripples through the market with its volatile performance, eventually closing at INR 443.15. But who is Rishabh Instruments Ltd., and what do we need to know about this intriguing addition to the stock market? In this article, we will delve into the history, key figures, and investment insights related to Rishabh Instruments Ltd.

Rishabh Instruments Share History

Rishabh Instruments Ltd. was established on June 10, 1982. Founded by Deepak Thakur, this company is a subsidiary of Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd., specializing in the manufacturing, design, and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products. Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has solidified its position in the industry by focusing on technology, cost-competitive manufacturing, and exceptional customer support. The company places immense importance on its workforce, infrastructure, and financial stability, considering its employees as its most valuable asset.

The organization has diversified its operations into the manufacturing, design, and development of Solar Inverters, Test and Measuring Instruments, and Industrial Control Products. With an unwavering commitment to providing value, Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. aims to make a significant impact in the fields of instrumentation, clean energy, and energy management.

Rishabh Instruments Share Price Financial Performance

For the financial year ending on March 31, 2023, Rishabh Instruments Limited reported an operating revenue ranging from INR 100 crores to INR 500 crores. Impressively, its EBITDA surged by 60.30% compared to the previous year, while its book net worth witnessed a 12.27% increase.

Rishabh Instruments Share Price Key Financial indicators include:

  • Return on Equity: 7.68%
  • Debt/Equity Ratio: 0.09
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) of Rishabh Instruments Ltd: 453.89 INR
  • Market Cap of Rishabh Instruments Ltd: 16.74 billion

Rishabh Instruments Share Price NSE

Rishabh Instruments Share Price Performance

For potential investors, it’s essential to consider the share price performance:

Rishabh Instruments Share Price 52-WEEK High: ₹470
Rishabh Instruments Share Price 52-WEEK Low: ₹432
Investment Strategy: If you are considering investing in Rishabh Instruments shares, it’s prudent to allocate 10% to 20% of your portfolio to this stock. When making investment decisions, keep a close eye on the quarterly results of Rishabh Instruments. If the results are favorable, it may be an excellent time to buy, while negative results may warrant selling. Diversify your investment into four parts and manage it judiciously.

Why Should You Invest in Rishabh Instruments Share?

Rishabh Instruments Ltd has consistently delivered impressive results, with earnings growing at an average annual rate of 15.5%. In contrast, the electronic industry as a whole has seen earnings grow at a rate of 32.4% annually. Moreover, revenues have been steadily increasing, averaging a 13.4% growth rate each year.

One of the standout features of Rishabh Instruments Ltd is its global leadership in the manufacturing and supply of analog panel meters. Additionally, it ranks among the top global companies in terms of manufacturing and supply of low-voltage current transformers. For added security, set a stoploss at ₹430 for Rishabh Instruments shares. This precautionary measure can help safeguard your investment in case of unexpected market fluctuations.

Rishabh Instruments Innovation and Product Range

One of the driving forces behind Rishabh Instruments Ltd.’s success is its relentless commitment to innovation. The company’s wide array of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products is a testament to its dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. In an ever-evolving industry, Rishabh Instruments Ltd. consistently introduces cutting-edge products, attracting both domestic and international customers.

While many companies start small and expand gradually, Rishabh Instruments Ltd. has taken a bold step by establishing a global presence. Its products are not limited to the Indian market; they are exported to countries worldwide. This international reach has provided the company with diversified revenue streams and helped mitigate the risks associated with dependency on a single market.

Rishabh Instruments Ltd.’s foray into the manufacturing of Solar Inverters aligns perfectly with this trend. As governments and businesses seek sustainable energy solutions, the company’s expertise in this sector positions it favorably for future growth opportunities.

Rishabh Instruments Share Price Financial Foundation

Financial stability is a cornerstone of Rishabh Instruments Ltd.’s success. With a low Debt/Equity Ratio of 0.09, the company has demonstrated prudent financial management. This not only instills confidence in investors but also provides the flexibility to pursue strategic initiatives without being burdened by excessive debt.

The ability to weather economic uncertainties and adapt to changing market dynamics is crucial in the world of business. Rishabh Instruments Ltd. has consistently demonstrated resilience, navigating through economic downturns and emerging stronger. This adaptability is a testament to the company’s agility and strategic foresight.

Rishabh Instruments Ltd. has garnered significant investor confidence, as evidenced by its steadily growing Market Cap, which currently stands at ₹16.74 billion. This suggests that the company’s performance is not only attracting investors but also retaining their interest over time.

Challenges and Risks

While Rishabh Instruments Ltd. has displayed remarkable growth and potential, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges and risks it may face. Economic fluctuations, changes in government policies, and intense competition in the instrumentation and clean energy sectors are all factors that could impact its future performance. Additionally, the company’s relatively short history in the stock market means that its track record is still evolving.


In conclusion, Rishabh Instruments Ltd has emerged as a promising player in the stock market. With a track record of impressive earnings growth, a robust financial position, and a strong foothold in its niche, this company has garnered the attention of investors. However, due diligence and a well-thought-out investment strategy are essential when considering Rishabh Instruments shares. As the company is relatively new, it’s crucial to closely monitor its performance and make investment decisions based on the quarterly results.

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Is Rishabh Instruments Ltd a publicly traded company?

Yes, Rishabh Instruments Ltd is a publicly traded company, and its shares are available for trading on stock exchanges.

What is the primary focus of Rishabh Instruments Share?

Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing, design, and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products, along with Solar Inverters.

How has Rishabh Instruments share Price performed compared to the electronic industry?

Rishabh Instruments Ltd has shown steady growth, with earnings increasing at an average annual rate of 15.5%, while the electronic industry has witnessed earnings growing at 32.4% annually.

What is the recommended investment strategy for Rishabh Instruments shares?

It is advisable to allocate 10% to 20% of your portfolio to Rishabh Instruments shares and closely monitor quarterly results to make informed investment decisions.

Why is setting a stop-loss important when investing in Rishabh Instruments share price?

Setting a stop-loss at ₹430 for Rishabh Instruments shares can help protect your investment from unexpected market fluctuations and minimize potential losses.


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