V Guard share price in 2023

V Guard share price, Invest your hard-earned money and get 10x return, the Best share to buy in 2023.
V Guard share price, Invest your hard-earned money and get 10x return, the Best share to buy in 2023, Hot share of the Month.

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Establishment: V Guard was founded in the year 1970.

Founder: The visionary behind V Guard is Kochouseph Chittilappilly.

Share Price: Currently, V Guard’s share price stands at 316.15 rupees.

Total Net Worth: The company boasts a total net worth of 11,000 crores, which translates to approximately 1.3 billion USD.

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V Guard share price today NSE:

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Product Range: V Guard offers a wide array of products, including electronic voltage stabilizers, inverters, inverter batteries, UPS systems, as well as electric, solar, and kitchen appliances.

Stock Listings: V Guard shares are listed on both the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) under the symbol 532953 and the NSE (National Stock Exchange) as VGUARD.

Market Capitalization: V Guard commands a market capitalization of 13,721 crores.

V Guard Share Price Target 2023:

MonthsMinimum PriceMaximumPrice
OCTOBER ₹‎280-300 ₹‎330-340
NOVEMBER ₹‎280-300 ₹‎320-340
DECEMBER ₹‎280-290 ₹‎320-345

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V Guard Share Price Target 2024-25:

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Share Price Performance: Over the past year, V Guard’s share price hit a high of Rs 335 and a low of Rs 229. The all-time high for the stock is 335 rupees, while the all-time low dipped to Rs 4.1.

Dividends to Shareholders: V Guard is committed to rewarding its investors and recently distributed Rs 1.30 per share to its shareholders.

  • V Guard share price bse: 532953
    V Guard share price NSE: VGUARD
    Market capture of V Guard share price: 13721 crores
    V guard share price 52-week high: Rs 335
    V Guard share price 52-week low: Rs 229
    V Guard share price all-time high 335 rupees
    V Guard share price all-time low: Rs 4.1

Why Invest in V Guard Share?:

There are several compelling reasons to consider investing in V Guard shares. The company exhibits strong fundamentals, consistently provides healthy dividends to its investors, experiences consistent income and net worth growth, and actively reduces its debt.

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How Much to Invest in V guard share?

For prudent risk management, it is advisable for investors to allocate only 10% to 25% of their portfolio to V Guard shares. When you decide to invest in a company like V Guard, you should think about how well the company is doing financially and what the overall market is like. It’s smart to have a well-thought-out plan for when to buy and sell the company’s shares.

Purchasing a V Guard share appears to be the right choice. V Guard is a well-established corporation with a wide product line that looks to offer future development potential. If you keep their shares for a while, you might make a good amount of money because they keep coming up with new ideas and growing.

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V-Guard Results Today

V Guard share price Today: Rs311. Stay tuned for the most recent financial updates from V-Guard. Keep an eye on their quarterly and annual reports to get insights into their performance and future prospects.

V-Guard Turnover in 2023

The turnover figures for 2023 will provide a snapshot of V-Guard’s financial health and growth trajectory. It’s an essential indicator for investors and stakeholders.

V-Guard Q4 Results 2023

The fourth-quarter results for 2023 are eagerly awaited. They will shed light on how V-Guard has fared in the most recent business quarter, impacting its share prices and investor sentiment.

V-Guard Share Split History

Understanding V-Guard’s share split history can provide insights into its corporate actions and strategies to enhance shareholder value. It’s a critical aspect for long-term investors.

V-Guard Q3 Results 2023

While Q4 results are important, don’t forget to review the Q3 results for 2023. They can give you a comprehensive view of the company’s performance throughout the year.

V-Guard Market Share

V-Guard’s market share is a significant indicator of its competitive strength. Monitoring its market share can help gauge its position in the industry and its potential for growth.

V-Guard News Today

Stay updated with the latest news about V-Guard. Timely news reports can provide valuable insights into the company’s activities, product launches, and industry trends.