8 Personal Finance Checklist For People Moving Abroad

29 August 2023

Written by Shivanshu

Learn how to minimize fees and get the best exchange rates by using peer-to-peer platforms.

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Currency Exchange

Many countries have tax treaties that can help you avoid double taxation – a crucial detail to explore before you move.

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Tax Treaty Benefits

Banks may charge extra fees for international transactions. Look for banks or accounts that offer free international withdrawals or low conversion fees.

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Hidden Bank Fees

Discover if your home country has social security agreements with your destination, impacting pension and benefit transfers.

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Social Security Agreements

 Find out about local expenses, from groceries to entertainment, for more accurate budgeting.

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Cost of Living Insights

Learn about investment rules in your new country; some may have restrictions on certain financial instruments for expats.

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Investment Regulations

 Understand the financial implications of becoming a resident – it could lead to tax breaks or other financial advantages.

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Residency Rules

Understand the healthcare costs and insurance coverage in your new country to avoid surprises.

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Medical Cost Planning

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