8 Financial Gifts On Raksha Bandhan

29 August 2023

Written by Shivanshu

Did you know you can gift a fraction of a cryptocurrency as a Rakhi present? It's a futuristic gesture that can potentially grow into a valuable gift over time.

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 Consider giving a share of a beloved company's stock as a gift. It's a unique way to introduce financial awareness to your sibling.

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Instead of traditional gold jewelry, opt for Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They offer the benefits of investing in gold without the hassle of storage.

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Gold ETFs

Present your sibling with a carefully chosen personal finance book that aligns with their interests. This gift will not only provide knowledge but also inspire them to manage their finances effectively.

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Personal Finance Books

Give the gift of learning by subscribing your sibling to an online course related to finance, investing, or money management.

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Online Course Subscription

Explore government savings bonds as a gift option. They offer a secure way to save money with added interest, making it a meaningful gesture for the future.

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Savings Bond Surprise

A personalized budget planner can be an excellent gift to help your sibling organize their finances, set goals, and track their expenses.

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Customized Budget Planner

Engage in some friendly competition by gifting a virtual stock market game. It's an exciting way to learn about investing without real financial risks.

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Virtual Stock Market Game

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