10 Essential Trading Strategies for New Investors

31 August 2023

Written by Shiva

Learn the art of making quick decisions. Day trading involves buying and selling within the same day, capitalizing on short-term price movements.

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Dive into Day Trading

Ride the waves of market trends. By identifying, and following trends, you can make informed decisions about buying and selling.

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Follow the Trend

 Swing trading focuses on capturing price "swings" within an established trend.

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Swing Trading

Invest in undervalued stocks with strong growth potential. This strategy requires patience.

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Value Investing Pays Off

Invest in companies with high growth potential, even if they're trading at higher valuations. Think big picture for bigger returns.

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Try Growth Investing

Dividend stocks offer regular payouts, providing stability to your portfolio. Ideal for investors seeking steady income.

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Get Dividend Smart

Go against the crowd!In both cases, buy while others are selling. This strategy requires a keen understanding of market sentiment.

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Do the Opposite

Protect your investments from potential losses. Hedging involves strategically placing trades to offset risks.

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Protect Your Treasure

Capitalize on short-term price trends. Jump on stocks with strong momentum for potential quick profits.

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Momentum Trading for Quick Wins

The foundation of any strategy is solid research. Stay updated on market news, company performance, and global events.

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Research, Research, Research

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